Compare the Autonomous System with solutions available on the market



When comparing the Autonomous System with the SD-WAN or MPLS solutions available on the market, it should be noted that not one such solution offers or declares the following:

  • Placing equipment on virtual cloud resources. This allows creating autonomous systems that are different in cost of implementation, but the same in terms of technological solutions and security.
  • Installation of subscriber terminal software on any modern equipment, which expands the choice of equipment for building a network.
  • Creation of a monolithic communication channel from multiple IP transport channels (subchannels) — tunneling with the summation of throughput capability and reservation of transport subchannels, with a guarantee of observing the sequence of transmitted data packets.
  • Organization of L2 Ethernet tunnels through WAN networks (Internet / Intranet), as well as control and monitoring tools for tunnel-forming equipment.
  • The presence of effective built-in protection against all kinds of loops in L2.
  • A mechanism for comprehensive verification and monitoring quality of work of tunnel in real-time.

From a technological point of view, solutions based on the Autonomous System are simple and reliable, a standardized configuration allows to implement any requirements of the corporate customer.

Each subscriber terminal in the standard configuration is able to simultaneously work with several independent Internet channels in summation mode, redundancy (hot and cold), while connecting six independent L2 channels between terminals, (it is a patchcord between users’ computers, with all the ensuing advantages of a local network… no loss, packet sequence recovery, etc. regardless of their location).

In this case, unlike TCP (which sends a packet to nowhere on the route and waits for confirmation of delivery or resend), MSTP constantly “knows” the real at the moment the state of the route to the destination and always has a few alternate routes.

Customer technicians are able to segment all services, presenting each service as a simple peer-to-peer network, avoiding the use of different protocols and technologies. This simplifies management and monitoring, allows problem areas to be identified as quickly as possible and eliminates the need to create intricate routing webs when emergencies occur.

Using the Autonomous System allows you to implement all modern requirements of the corporate sector on a single technological platform in a single solution, on any modern equipment from different vendors.

Allows you to provide a modern corporate service, taking into account any number of summarized and reserved channels from different service providers.