Areas of Application


Our technology will be appealing to businesses that value secure communications and data protection:

  • Government agencies
  • Energy and mining companies
  • Medical service providers
  • Banks (financial sector)
  • Logistics companies
  • IT providers with large client network
  • Telecom providers working in B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Client) market segment, large IT companies with global distributed networks

For these companies our technology allows an individual approach to the client base, improvement of the channel quality and services integration, provides the convenience of prompt localization of the network problems, access for closed groups or corporate segments to the services, and as a result attracts more consumers. The multi-platform concept allows the offering of access to services in different countries on the equipment that is commonly used locally.

Companies with two or more branches located in different geographic areas, which use multiple telecommunications (telecom) providers may also benefit from MSTNT. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether the branches are located in different countries or on different continents.

Deployment of the Autonomous System will increase the resilience and security of the IT segment for such companies, reduce communication costs, and allow decreasing the number of highly qualified IT personnel, which in turn will lead to overall improvement of financial performance of the business.

The use of the Autonomous System will allow deploying new business branches in the shortest time possible, setting up test systems, providing the company’s management with the opportunity to hold secure confidential video-teleconferencing while on a business trip or on the go, get remote access to confidential internal information, and access CCTV and telemetry on remote sites.

One of the advantages of our technology is a multiplatform concept which is not tied to a particular equipment manufacturer and allows cost effective switching of any enterprise to MSTNT.

Our specialists will analyze the company requirements and provide equipment recommendations, but at the same time the company management will be able to make an independent decision regarding which equipment to build the Autonomous System with. Often such decisions are based on equipment availability or brand preference.

To build an AS, there is no need to purchase specialized equipment from a specific manufacturer, which significantly reduces the cost of the initial stage of network deployment and allows you to easily change equipment during further operation or network expansion, thereby significantly reducing the cost of network ownership.